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Investment Management

Our investment management services bring the best ideas from the world of academic finance to the individual investor. We begin by listening carefully to understand your financial situation. What are your priorities and concerns? What are your future spending needs? Where do you see yourself in five, ten or twenty years? Our aim is to design an optimal strategy for growing and protecting your assets tailored to your specific goals and aspirations.


Based on this fact-finding session, a personalized financial plan is prepared. After further review to refine the recommended strategies, the plan is implemented. Your portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that your financial plan operates smoothly and efficiently. If necessary, the asset allocation is adjusted at least annually to maintain proper balance and diversification.


Investment portfolios are structured using a combination of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and/or individual stocks. Taxable and tax-deferred accounts are carefully coordinated to ensure appropriate overall balance and diversification. For taxable accounts, tax-minimization strategies are used to reduce investment tax liabilities.

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