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The best preparation for tomorrow
is to do today’s work superbly well.


- Sir William Osler

Father of Modern Medicine

Shearwater Capital is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm based in St. Louis with clients from across the country. We offer comprehensive financial planning, investment management services and retirement planning to physicians and their families. We use an evidence-based approach, grounded in academic finance, to help our clients grow and protect their financial assets. As a fiduciary, Shearwater Capital places our clients’ interests first in everything we do.


Shearwater Capital was founded in 1999 by two physicians, who continue to lead the firm today, providing extensive experience and representation from both the academic and private practice spheres of medicine. We are intimately familiar with the unique set of financial circumstances, challenges, and opportunities faced by physicians. Our firm provides a personalized roadmap for your successful retirement planning and an integrated solution for taxable, tax-deferred and Roth investment accounts within and outside your medical practice.

First we listen, then we act

Only by understanding your financial priorities can we help you achieve them. We begin by listening and getting to know more about your financial needs and goals, as well as your risk preferences and investing time frame. This allows us to offer informed advice and implement strategies tailored to your specific financial situation. 

Scientific approach

We use an evidence-based approach to wealth management based on leading ideas from the world of academic finance, with an emphasis on tax-efficiency and low costs. 

Comprehensive financial planning

We offer comprehensive financial planning involving a thorough review and analysis of all aspects of your financial condition including investments, family budgeting, debt management, tax planning, insurance coverage, college savings, and estate planning. Based on this analysis, we will provide a detailed set of recommendations to help secure your financial future.

We specialize in retirement planning

We have over 20 years of experience in working closely with physicians and their families to make sure they have sufficient income to live comfortably in retirement. Based on this experience, with the assistance of sophisticated financial planning software, we design a retirement savings strategy tailored to your unique financial situation. At retirement, we help optimize the timing and tax efficiency of your post-retirement withdrawals. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable retirement income so that you can enjoy your retirement without financial concerns.


We are here for you whenever you need us. We understand that life, and financial priorities, can change. We will be there each step of the way to help you deal with unexpected events and stay on course in achieving your financial goals. 

For Physicians, By Physicians

As physicians themselves, our company founders have first-hand experience with the financial issues and challenges commonly faced by physicians. They also have over 40 years of experience between them as professional investment advisors helping other physicians and their families secure their financial futures. This unique history provides Shearwater Capital with an unmatched background and core competency in serving the investment management and financial planning needs of our physician clients.

Financial Advisor for Physicians, St. Louis, MO


At Shearwater Capital, your financial success is our only priority. We are a fee-only investment advisory firm.  We receive no incentives or payments from the companies whose securities we use for client accounts. We sell no in-house investment products and avoid all soft-dollar relationships that might influence our advice. We are therefore free to choose the best investment products for our clients in a completely objective manner. 

Investment Management for Physicians, St. Louis, MO
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