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The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well.


- Sir William Osler


Shearwater Capital

Shearwater Capital was founded in 1999 by two physicians who were MBA classmates and faculty members at the Washington University School of Medicine. Our vision in founding Shearwater Capital was to take the best ideas from the world of academic finance and apply them in a practical manner to personal investing and portfolio management, and to provide our services at a reasonable cost. We continue to maintain an unwavering commitment to this vision.

Initially, our investment management services were offered to friends, family members and a few local physicians. Our high quality of services has resulted in rapid growth of assets under management. Shearwater Capital is now a thriving investment advisory firm serving physicians and their families throughout the United States.


At Shearwater Capital, your financial success is our only priority. We are a fee-only investment advisory firm.  We receive no incentives or payments from the companies whose securities we use for client accounts. We sell no in-house investment products and avoid all soft-dollar relationships that might influence our advice. We are therefore free to choose the best investment products for our clients in a completely objective manner. 

By Physicians for Physicians

Our company founders have first-hand experience with many of the financial issues and challenges commonly faced by physicians. They also have years of experience in helping physicians save for retirement and manage their financial assets. This provides Shearwater Capital with a unique ability to help our physician clients develop sound financial plans, invest wisely and attain financial security.

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